Welcome to Celebration Church's WOW Singles Ministry!

Here's a little background about the ministry:

  • WOW is for "Walking in Our Wholeness"
  • The Ministry is open to everyone in the Celebration Church community who is not married.
  • We also enjoy and encourage networking with other singles ministries in the surrounding area.


Under the WOW umbrella there are the following target groups. These groups were created within WOW to meet the specific needs of singles in different seasons of life:

  • Single Ladies - WOW Single Women's Salon Talks. These sessions are designed for women to gather and candidly discuss their unique challenges and encourage each other while addressing these challenges with a godly approach. Guest facilitators are scheduled to conduct workshops on areas of spiritual grow and/or interest for women and single women in particular. Schedule of events: TBA

  • Single Men - Sessions for Single Men. Schedule of events: TBA

  • Single Parents (Parenting Solo) - Sessions for single parents meet on Sundays @ 12:00. Room: TBA. Target Group Leaders Sis. Donna Jones and Sis. Pat Fields

  • Society Singles (between the age of 30-44) - Why Society Singles? - Christian Singles in contemporary society are faced with a vast amount of cultural practices that oppose the paradigm shifting lifestyle that Jesus has challenged us to live. The Society Singles seek to model a contemporary Christian lifestyle for today's Christian Single. The vision for the Society Singles is to organize social events, travel excursions, spiritual growth seminars, outreach activities, and professional networking events that cater to Singles in this season of growth. Target Group Leaders Latisha Cotman, GiShawn Mance, and Craig Sinclair. Schedule of events: TBA

  • Sophisticated Singles (45+) - Join WOW for socials that cater to our Sophisticated Singles. We schedule a Sophisticated Singles Brunch every 4th Sunday of the month.  All are welcome that enjoy being in the presence of lively sophistication.  Also this is a nice opportunity to accompany a divorced/widowed, mother, father, uncle, aunt, other family member, or friend. Target Group Leaders Sis. Sabrina Carney and Sis. Henrietta Milward

  • Worth the Wait Group Sessions (Single Men & Women) - Monthly sessions in partnership with Dr. Lindsay Warren's Worth the Wait Revolution for single men and women who seek encouragement living a sexually pure lifestyle. Target Group Leader: Sis. Tiffany Richardson 

  • Singles Enrichment Class (WIN Institute) - Sex, Dating, and Relationships: - This course is a discussion on the clallenges faced by singles that distract them from living a "whole" single life. Subjects addressed include God's purpose for singleness, reconciling the past with the present, and counter0clutural approaches to dating and developing fulfilling relationships. Instructor: Sis. Tyran Tisdale

  • Single Anew (Divorced or Going Through a Divorce) - Workshops for those seeking to move past the challenges of divorce. Schedule of events: TBA

Contact cwowministry@gmail.com for more information and/or to be placed on the WOW email list. We look forward to meeting and fellowshipping with you soon and hope you will enjoy being connected with the WOW Singles!

Tyran Tisdale
Leader - WOW Singles Ministry 
Helping Singles Win In Life!

"One is a whole number"