COMING 2014!!

What is Super Sunday?
Super Sunday provides a comprehensive curriculum of the core 4M* Classes and Encounter Classes designed to help persons have a positive encounter with God so they can discover and walk in their purpose for life.
*What are the 4Ms?
God wants you to take your next step spiritually. That could mean getting baptized, committing to take time to dig into the Bible on a daily basis, or maybe God wants you to serve on a ministry team or better yet, start a new ministry. Our 4Ms system is all about helping you take your next step.
How does it work?

Imagine a baseball diamond. At first base, our Membership Encounter, you'll get the foundation of Celebration Church and the 4M's. Then head to second base, the Maturity Encounter, where you'll find the tools to develop a closer relationship with God. At the Ministry Encounter, third base, you'll begin to see how God specifically SHAPE'd you for ministry (Spiritual Gifts, Heart, Abilities, Personality and Experience). As you head for home plate, our Mission Encounter, you will discover your life's mission of sharing God with the world.
Join us for one of the 4M Encounters

Membership Encounter - An Introduction to our Church Family
Take an in-depth look at our past, present, and future and process what we believe (and why)! In this encounter you will learn the vision God has given for Celebration Church and how, together, we are going to "help people win in life"!
Maturity Encounter - Introduction to Spiritual Maturity
Discover the practical steps toward becoming a spiritual champion. This is a "must attend" for every growing Christian.
Ministry Encounter - Discovering Your Shape for Ministry
You have been shaped by God for a specific purpose to serve the kingdom! Identify your S.H.A.P.E. (Spiritual Gifts, Heart (Passions), Abilities, Personality, and Experiences) and explore God's purpose for your life.
Mission Encounter - Discovering My Life Mission
Become empowered to reach out and share Christ in effective and creative ways with your network of family, friends, and the community. Discover your style of evangelism and how God can use your unique personality to win people to Christ!

Special Encounter Classes
Bible Encounter - Come and explore how the Holy Bible came into existence, why it must be the final authority in our lives, and how to understand and experience the joy of the riches found inside.
Parent Encounter - Explore a contemporary application of the timeless Biblical guidelines for parenting. This dynamic dialogue will potentially revolutionize your parenting efforts and empower you to be more effective leaders in your family.
Finance Encounter - Learn what the Bible says abut money management and consider making a few adjustments that will allow you to be a much better steward of God's resources.
Marriage Encounter - All married couples should become students of marriage. Improve your understanding of your spouse and God's plan to secure the longstanding success of your marriage. Whether your marriage is healthy or in trouble, this encounter with God will equip you to take your relationship to the next level.
Academic Encounter - Is your high school (grades 9 through 12) ready for college? Have you equipped him/her for the rigorous application process? Is your high schooler ready for the demands of college? If you answered no to any of these questions, then join us for this insightful and interactive session to prepare your youth for their next step toward academic excellence.
Small Group Leadership Encounter - This is a welcome to the exciting world of Small Groups. This Encounter will prepare you for ministry and small group leadership. The primary goals of small group ministry will be examined and experienced. With weekly review and evaluations, we will focus on the critical path for a successful experience with a small group, especially leadership.
Health & Fitness - Want to get healthy and fit? Learn how to put into practice the essentials of God's plan for a healthy and fit you.