Ernie DavisErnie Davis
Pastor of Discipleship
What is WIN Institute?
The WIN Institute provides the structured Biblical teaching and training
for Celebration Church. 
The Institute includes a structured 3-year certificate program in which enrolled
students will have course offerings based on an established ETA curriculum and
Celebration Church's Next Step System.
Whether you desire a systematic certificate program or want topics of study and
training in specific areas, the WIN Institute is designed to accommodate your
needs and aid you in growing spiritually.
To help people to "win in life" through preparing, learning, understanding, and applying the principles in The Holy Bible, thus equipping them to take their next step(s) toward Christian maturity.



Helping People Win in Life through an in-depth knowledge of The Holy Bible

On behalf of our Senior Pastor, our Pastor of Discipleship, our staff and faculty, we are committed to offering quality Christian courses specifically designed for your growth, development and maturity in the Body of Christ. Our course curriculum is twofold:

(1) We offer 43 Celebration Church courses that coincide with our 'Next Step System' and compliment our 5 "M's": Membership, Maturity, Ministry, Mission and Magnification. These are many of the same courses that were offered through the Bible Training Center, plus new ones.

(2) We offer 21 courses through the Evangelical Training Association's (ETA) widely accepted curriculum. ETA is celebrating 76 years of service to churches, seminaries, and Bible colleges/universities worldwide. These courses will teach you Bible and Theology, broaden your Ministry Skills, sharpen your Outreach Skills, and develop your Leadership Skills. In parallel, you will earn up to four (4) ETA Church Ministries Certificates - Foundational, Standard, Advanced, and Leadership - as you progress through a series of four courses each in the overall curriculum. These certificates are recognized globally and also qualify you to teach as an ETA-certified instructor, if you desire to do so. You will also earn a certificate of completion from Celebration Church's WIN Institute at our official commencement exercises.

We look forward to serving you during this exciting time in our church. As you study, meditate, pray, and seek God's will for your life, the leadership team and staff at WIN Institute will remain committed to meeting your specific needs through excellence in ministry.


Enjoy God's blessings and WIN! 

Pastor Ernie Davis, WIN Institute Lead


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Minister Ridia Reed
Sister Barbara Goodridge
Maryland Correctional Institution for Women, Jessup, MD,
in partnership with CELEBRATION CHURCH
(84 women, plus Chaplain Lettie Carr)
 WIN Institute Course Descriptions
Foundations Training: Lessons on Assurance
This course is designed for new believers, new members and anyone who may be uncertain or struggling with their salvation. It provides teaching on the assurances we have from God as Christians.
Pre-Marital Training: Before You Say "I Do"
Before you set the date, before you reserve the sanctuary...sit in on these 8 weeks of intense examination of your readiness for marriage.
Understanding the Bible
An in-depth study, and overview, of the sixty-six (66) books of the Bible, from Genesis to Revelation. Learn about God through His spoken Word and through the prophets.
Your Ministry of Evangelism
Evangelism is the mandate for church growth today. This course covers the biblical foundations of evangelism, conversion and regeneration, how to lead a person to a decision for Christ, age-specific techniques, team efforts, visitation, discipling new believers, and the importance of prayer in the entire process of evangelism.
Growing Toward Spiritual Maturity
A strategy for growing toward Christ-likeness must be based on the actual ways that people grow and develop into maturity in Christ. Through identifying and understanding how we grow spiritually, we become more intentional in our use of time and methods.
The Stephens Series, Part 1
If you have a love for the ministry of caregiving, this course is for you. This course prepares you to minister to persons who are confined to their home, hospital, or other facilities. Sessions include: The Person of the Caregiver, Maintaining boundaries, Crisis theory, Confidentiality, The art of listening and Assertiveness, just to name a few.
Sign Language Training
Come and learn to communicate with your hands. Be instructed on how to use sign language as a ministry at home, on your job, in the marketplace, and in the Church.
Identifying Your S-H-A-P-E
Do you want to find your place in Ministry? be in that place for which God has uniquely prepared you? This course is designed to help you find that place. Although it starts with Spiritual Gifts, this course will go even beyond Gifts to examine your talents, your passions, and your abilities in identifying how God has SHAPED you.
Small Group Leadership Training
Calling all Small Group Leaders! This is a welcome to the exciting world of Small Groups. Through this course you will be prepared for ministry and small group leadership. The primary goals of small group ministry will be examined and experienced. With weekly review and evaluations, you will focus on the critical path for a successful experience in a small group, especially leadership.
The End Times
As revealed in the Book of Revelations, this course centers around visions and symbols of the resurrected Christ, who alone has authority to judge the earth, to remake it, and to rule it in righteousness. With a focus primarily on prophetic events, Revelation is the only New Testament book that does so.
Old Testament Survey, Part 2: Job to Malachi
This course probes the message of the books of poetry and prophecy, which gives insight into God's dealings with His people. This course relates the great writings of the prophets to us today. It is in chronological sequence to avoid duplication of historical background information. Prerequisite: Old Testament Survey, Part I.
Financial Discipleship
Financial stewardship and budgeting are two key components to successful money management. Both are covered in this course. You will learn about God's principles for managing your financial resources and how to experience the joy of giving as you respond to God's call to live as faithful stewards. You will also learn about budgeting your paycheck. For married couples, both husband and wife should attend.
Time Management God's Way
From Minister's Gloria Adams best-selling book with the same title, learn Biblical strategies and principles aimed at helping you properly and effectively manage your time, priorities, projects, and finances.
The Book of Romans
This New Testament book, considered as Paul's greatest work, is placed first amongst his 13 epistles. Romans is more than a book of theology; it is also a book of practical exhortation. It is, in essence, the beginning of the new covenant!
School of the Prophets
*This course is tailored specifically to Celebration Church Preaching Ministers. This course teaches foundational principles as you explore your call, how to deliver a sermon, a unique perspective and responsibility of ministering to others, and an introduction to the Church of God commissioning, licensing and ordination process.
Singles Training: Single & Satisfied
Learn Biblical principles on how to live holy in your unmarried state. Love, joy, fulfillment, and peace will permeate your being as you live day-by-day accordingly to God's Word.
Identifying Your S-H-A-P-E for MEN
Although it starts with Spiritual Gifts, this course will go even beyond Gifts to examine your talents, your passions, and your abilities in identifying how God has SHAPED you as a man.
The Book of Hebrews
The writer of Hebrews continually makes mention of the superiority of Christ in both His personage and in His ministering work. Hebrews tells us that Christ Jesus is better than anything mere religion has to offer.
Generation Change: Financial Wellness for Youth
We're raising a generation that spends money they don't have to buy things they don't need to impress people they don't even like! It's time for a change!
*No registration fee / Textbook fee (includes t-shirt): $20.00*
New Testament Survey: Bible Doctrine I
Join us on this extremely interesting journey through the 27 books of the New Testament. From Matthew to Revelation, allow God to unveil the mysteries of the Bible as you take your next step toward understanding God's plan for your life.
Identifying Your S-H-A-P-E for Couples
Led by the dynamic ministry of Pastor Handel and Sister Vicky, celebrating 27 years of marriage, this thought-provoking course will show you how to examine your individual and collective gifts, talents, passions, and abilities in identifying how God has SHAPED you as a couple.
Church of God Doctrine & History
The Church of God (Anderson, IN) began in 1881 as a movement emphasizing the unity of God's people and holy living. The course offers an in-depth understanding of this movement and how it has grown to approximately 2,214 congregations in the U.S. and Canada.
Identifying Your S-H-A-P-E for Seniors
Although it starts with Spiritual Gifts, this course will go even beyond Gifts to examine your talents, your passions, and your abilities in identifying how God has SHAPED you as a senior.