Member Services
CELEBRATION CHURCH at Columbia is experiencing rapid growth.  Member Services is key in helping us manage growth responsibly. It is our goal to connect with the Church family, and make it easy for all of us to take our next steps toward Christian Maturity.
Member Services assists persons in taking their next step by helping them assimilate into the life of the Church. 
Member Services is the central point of contact for members and non-members as well. As the 411 center of the ministry, our team will help you get "THERE" from here.
Member Services can provide information on:
  • How to Get Involved In A Ministry
  • How to Get Baptized
  • How to Join Our Church Family
  • How to Submit a Prayer Request
  • General Wedding Information
  • Getting Connected with A Small Group
  • Having My Child Dedicated
  • How to Volunteer
  • What is Winning Access?
  • How to Get Connected to Winning Access
  • Dates & Times for Events
  • Counseling Requests
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For any additional information, feel free to contact Sis. Meghan Ringgold at 410-997-2088, or email her at
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