Why are Small Groups a Big Deal?


      Small Group community is a primary felt need in America and in our Churches


      Significant life transformation can happen in small groups    (Acts 2:42-43)


      Small Groups are not a program, but a primary function of the culture of Celebration Church.


      Small Groups provide a place of confidential accountability  (Acts 2:44)


      People grow exponentially within the community of Small Groups (Acts 2:46-47)


      Small Groups provide a trusting support system

(Acts 2:45)

Small Group LogoWhy Join a Small Group?
From the very beginning of time, Small Groups have existed with the original- The Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit in the book of Genesis.  Following this model, we see Small Groups throughout the Old Testament and the New Testament with the creation of Jesus' small group of 12 apostles.  These apostles modeled the ministry and mission of Christ by building followers in small group home settings throughout the known world (Acts 2).
Discover Small Groups
The Small Group Ministry supports the Vision of Celebration Church by encouraging all church members to actively participate in the Biblical model of fellowship through community.  These groups provide the foundation and support necessary for healthy Christian living and maturity as modeled by Christ.
At Celebration Church our Small Groups fulfill the five purposes of the New Testament Church (Acts 5:42):
  • Outreach/Evangelism (Acts 2:47)
  • Community (Acts 2:46)
  • Discipleship (Acts 2:42)
  • Leadership/Ministry (Acts 2:45)
  • Worship (Acts 2:43)
Experience the love of God through small group fellowships; develop and enhance both a personal and community based relationship with God. Discover the power of being connected to God's plan for your personal growth in a small group.  Small Groups provide rewarding and satisfying experiences for discovering and developing your full potential.  Get ready to experience living life to the fullest with other Christians serving Christ in meaningful ways.

Small Group Finder
The Small Group Finder is a tool designed to help you locate a small group in your region or area of interest.  Based upon your answers to the following questions we will be able to help you find a small group that best fits your needs.  If you have problems using the Small Group Finder, please email SmallGroups@wininlife.com or call 410.997.2088, ext. 106.  Get connected now!
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To start a new Small Group, please refer to the resources we have provided here.  If you already facilitate a small group, we have also provided attendance sheets here for you.   Any of these forms can be downloaded for your convenience.  At some time in the future we will also provide these forms so that you can complete them online.
Small Group
Leader/Facilitator Application
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Personal S.H.A.P.E.
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Small Group Life Resources
Small Group Attendance Sheets [Download Excel file]
Small Group Facilitator Application [Download PDF file]
Small Group Facilitator Guidelines [Download PDF file]

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