Ministry Description

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Angelic Steps Dance          
Equips others to Praise God and minister to the needs of His people and spread the good news about Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior through Spirit-filled dancing.
Dea. Tisa Owens
PH: 443.992.6737
Benevolence Team Ministry
Benevolence Ministry provides basic life necessities to needy persons.  Financial assistance is given for rent/mortgage, electricity and gas for the truly needy.  Food is provided through the food pantry.  Request for clothing, shelter and other types of assistance may be provided through other agencies referrals.  
Dea. Gwen Goggins
PH: 410.996.5536
Boy Scouts
The primary goal is to install Christian principles in to the lives of young boys and to lead them to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ while training them to become productive citizens in the world.  Using the basic concepts of scouting boys ages 7-11 will learn, through various activities and events, key principles such as respect, relationships, honesty, conflict resolution and team building.
James Gregory
PH:  410.241.1767
Building Bridges Ministry
To provide events at Celebration Church for the purpose of attracting people from the Long Reach and surrounding communities to the ministry of Celebration Church and to Christ through a time of fun and fellowship with members of Celebration Church.  This ministry plans and coordinates church-wide events of Celebration Church that are of an outreach nature such as the Harvest party, Summer Festival (annual cook-out), Christmas and New Years Happenings, and Easter Extravaganza. 
Bob & Sabrina Washington
PH: 410.997.2088, x278
Care & Repair Ministry
Enhance the quality of life for persons in need of minor home repairs.
Description of Ministry: This ministry provides minor repairs upon approval depending on skill set of team.  Repair request will be completed based on availability and skill set of ministry team at any given time.
Ministry Activities: Minor repairs include:  drywall repair, minor plumbing, tile replacement, siding, roofing repairs, etc.
Ricky & Judy Sheppard
PH: 410.381.1082
Celebrate Recovery
Celebrate Recovery Ministry fulfills our vision and mission of �Helping People Win in Life � by offering a Christ-centered 12 step recovery program for men, women, and youth struggling with chemical/alcohol dependency, sexually addiction, over-eating, depression, anger, children of alcoholic parents, emotional, sexual, or verbal abuse and other hurts, habits and hang-ups. Authentic, life-changing recovery comes through the power of Jesus Christ. John 8:36 says, �He who the Son sets free is free indeed!�
Robert Jackson
PH: 410.997.2088
Celebration Choir
(1) To share the gospel of Jesus Christ through song; (2) Encourage believers in their walk with Christ; (3) Lead the congregation in praise and worship; (4) provide an avenue through which individuals may share their gifts and be an integral part of the worship experience; and (5) create an atmosphere where God�s people can fully and openly express their praise, adoration, and worship of him. 
Description of Ministry and Activities:  Celebration Choir leads the congregation in praise and worship, and ministers through song on the 1st, 3rd, and 5th Sundays for the 8:00am and 10:00am services, and on the 1st Wednesday of each month for Communion and Healing Services.  The choir also ministers at special occasions and church events when requested.
Rhonda Brown
PH: 301.520.7024
Celebration Christian Academy Disciples the minds of our children for Jesus Christ.  This process involves helping students �Win in Life� by establishing in them a foundation of Biblical truth, out of which excellence in the academic disciplines flows.  Not only are stellar students developed but excellent people as well.  A Pre-K for three years old through 5th grade school.  Every pre-school class has a lead teacher and an assistant, allowing for significant one-on-one attention for students as they play and engage in their Academic preparation.  1st through 5th grade students enjoy a rigorous academic program and small class sizes.  All students are exposed to enriching special programs like music, art, computers, and physical education.  Academic instruction/before and aftercare provisions/ and special enrichment activities are available to all students.
Robin Davis
PH: 301.997.2384
Celebration City & Nursery
Celebration City is designed to support families in the spiritual, social and emotional development of their children through the Word of God, prayer and worship, and to equip children to fulfill God�s plan for their lives.  We want kids to accept the gift of grace, grow in the knowledge of God, grow in character, experience friendships in community and explore how God has created them.  Children participate in praise and worship, large group drama presentations and small meetings to discuss and apply the lesson of the day.
Celebration City is a complete Sunday worship experience for children between the ages of 6 months and 11 years.  .  Celebration City meets every Sunday during the 8:00 a.m., 10:00 and 12:00 noon services.
Point of contact:
Celebration City at Halftime/ WIN Institute & Special Events
Worship and learning experiences are provided for children between the ages of 6 months and 11 years during Halftime/Bible Training Institute and special events.  Children participate in praise and worship, large group activities and small group meetings that are age appropriate to apply lessons.
Point of contact:
Christian Guidance
To minister to Christian brothers and sisters in long-term helping relationships to help them win in life.  The Christian Guidance Ministry provides one-on-one ministry to individuals and couple-to-couple guidance, focusing on the unique needs in each circumstance. The Christian Guidance small group is involved in an ongoing educational system of training, organization, and updating the skills needed to meet today�s changing world.
Point of contact:
Christian Prison Ministry
Provides Christ-centered support to inmates incarcerated at the Howard County Detention Center. Persons in this ministry provide one-on-one counseling, bible study and work release ministry services.
Point of contact:
Computer Maintenance & Upgrades
Supports the vision of Celebration Church to �Help People Win in Life� by facilitating computer technology throughout the Church and Kingdom of God by using our gifts of Technology.
Mark Ames
PH:  410-997-2088
Connections Team Ministry
The Connections Team provides guests and Church members with a range of information to make connections with Celebration Church ministries and activities designed to help people win in life.
Team members answer a wide variety of questions regarding how to volunteer, membership, WIN Institute, and how to build or strengthen a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.  Team members collect Connections Cards after each worship service on Sundays.  Then calls are made in response to specific request within 24-48 hours after the cards are collected.  The completed Connection Report Sheet is submitted via e-mail or to the Connections Box located within the church
Dea. Gwen Goggins
PH:  410-730-6759
Girl Scouts
The Girl Scouts ministry is designed to impart Christian principles that will equip young girls spiritually, socially, physically and culturally through weekly encounters and enrichment activities using scouting concepts.  Using the basic concepts of scouting girls ages 7-11 will learn, through various activities and events, key Christian principles around topics relevant to young girls.
Ministry Activities:  Activities include praise and worship, creative Bible study and small group learning experiences. In addition there are activities such as, hiking, day and overnight camping
academic contests, sports, arts & crafts, and field trips.
Global Outreach-National & International Outreach Ministries
The purpose of this ministry is to spread the gospel to other states within the United States and to other countries through mission trips and work campus.  This ministry plans and coordinates the mission and work camp experiences for Celebration Church small groups, ministries, and members.  Some activities include:
Research, coordinate, and update National and International Mission Projects for Celebration Church, small groups, ministries, and members to participate in
Participate with Churches, non-profits, community and public officials to identify the needs of the National and International community and serve the community
Champion National and International Mission projects
Building a database of National and International mission projects
Assist with training and providing workshops on the national and international mission projects
Empower families effected by disasters
God Squad
To reach out to students in an attempt to introduce Christ into their lives through the Martial Arts.  We believe and teach that self-defense and its� disciplines begin with reading and knowing the Bible.
Description of Ministry: The students learn form, combinations, stances and positions sparring and most important bible verses.
Ministry Activities: Teaching self-defense, visit other church youth groups and demonstrate the different aspects of Martial Arts and speak about Christ.  We also compete in tournaments throughout the State.
Good 4-U Health & Fitness
Our mission is to help people win in life by providing them with information, scriptures and expert guidance to a complete and balanced healthy lifestyle.  Our goal is help deplete the epidemic of poor health in America through the changed culture of our church and community by supplying information on becoming more responsible stewards (managers) of our health, according to God�s word � 1 Corinthians 6:19-20, Romans 12:1-2 and 3 John 2.
Greeters Ministry
Visitors to Celebration Church often comment on how warm and friendly we are.  Our Greeters strive to meet that standard from the moment a person approaches the front door.  With a slogan �Greeters greet from the Heart� you can begin to understand why people feel warm and welcomed upon arriving.  Members or this ministry love to share their warm friendly smile, and are known for giving hugs and handshakes to persons entering and leaving the church; providing a great first impression.  Our greeters also provide directions and assistance persons calling the church during our weekend service time.
Health Care Ministry
While medical emergencies are never desired, the Health Care Team is prepared to quickly assist when a situation requiring medical training and support arises during service.  Due to the often urgent nature of medical conditions Celebration Church has in place medical staff, procedures and supplies necessary to respond appropriately to emergency and non-emergency health crisis events which may occur at the church or church functions away from the church.  Team members provide emergency medical care, assist with health fairs, bone marrow donor drives, and conduct national health awareness programs such as cancer awareness, blood pressure screening, diabetes awareness, etc.
Helping Hands Ministry
Offers �food for the body� for those in need and �food for the spirit� in the form of encouragement and prayer.  We extend an invitation to visitors to attend our Sunday Services and other ministry activities.  We also partner with other ministries.  Helping Hands Ministry assists families during time of need and bereavement through our in-house pantry on Fridays between 5:30pm and 6:00pm and provides holiday baskets to families in the community.  During the month of July this ministry cooks and serves a complete barbecue dinner to members of the National Alliance for the Mentally Ill of Howard County.  Periodic meals are also provided to the Grassroots shelter.
Hospital Visitation/Care Team
Providing ecumenical support for patients and their families. Chaplain Associates become important members of the Care Team, visiting patients, listening empathetically and providing spiritual support.
Hospitality Ministry
Have you ever been in a place for the first time, felt comfortable, people smiled and said hello but no one engaged you long enough for you to ask questions?  At Celebration Church we never want a guest to go without feeling warmly welcome. Volunteers create an environment for our first time guest intended to provide them with a pleasant experience and to see Church as a family, not an institution.   We want every guest to feel loved and genuinely cared about.  So our Hospitality team provides first time guests with a gift bag and light refreshments.  This happens in our Shepherd Center immediately following each weekend service and provides guest the opportunity to meet Pastors and members of our leadership team.  In this way we support the Celebration Church Mission to �Help People Win in Life� by extending the Love of God through hospitality. 
Intercessory Prayer Group
Stands in the gap for the Celebration Church�s Ministry Staff, the Academy, all members, families, friends, and world affairs.  As the Bible says, �we should pray without ceasing.� I Thessalonians 5:17
Leadership Summit
To bring the Leadership of Celebration Church together to ensure that the vision of the Church is being correctly conveyed to the congregation and that the vision is being effectively implemented in every aspect of the functioning of the Church.
Local Mission Projects
The purpose of this ministry is to provide opportunities for Celebration Church small groups, ministries and members to reach Howard County and surrounding areas with specific activities designed to serve people in the community, invite them to Celebration Church and share the Gospel.  This ministry, as a team, plans and coordinates various local mission projects and encourages small groups, ministries, and members to reach out to the community through acts of kindness with Local Mission Projects including �Talking Jesus to the Streets�.  Ministry Activities include:
Research, coordinate and update Local Mission Projects for Celebration Church small groups, ministries, and member to participate in
Assist partner with Churches, non-profits, community and public officials in identifying the needs of the community and serve the community
Research neighborhoods (including census data) and prepare maps to assist in reaching out to communities in Howard County and surrounding areas with Local Mission Projects including �Taking Jesus to the Streets�
Champion Local Mission Projects and neighborhoods to conduct outreach
Assist with training and providing workshops on the Local Mission.
Marcus H. Morgan Lecture Series
This lecture series provide informative and in-depth preaching and teaching from guest speakers on various Biblical topics which is intended to stimulate our thinking and fortify our spiritual beliefs.
Married Couples Fellowship
Enriches healthy marriages and restores hurting and troubled marriages.  In addition, this ministry strives to give couples the tools and knowledge necessary to protect and strengthen the marriage bond.  Study various books and materials covering topics such as communication, intimacy, growing spiritually with your spouse, finances, dealing with stress in the marriage, etc.  There are also special topics and issues for men and women only.  Guest speakers and fun activities are planned to enhance the relationship with spouses and other Christian couples.  In addition, couples are fortified through the use of accountability/prayer partners.  This ministry also is prepared and trained to counsel and serve as a liaison for couples in crisis. 
Member Services Ministry
The Member Services provides the administrative coordination for baby dedications, weddings, funerals and assistance with special campaigns of the church.  Additionally the Member Services Coordinator oversees the Phone Care Team, supports all the Community Ministries, and the Pastor of Community.
Men of Valor Raises money for scholarships to support  families to enroll their children in the Celebration Church Christian Academy , to assist single parents and high school seniors attending college or technical post-graduate education. Men in this ministry develop and conduct fundraising events such as the Annual Golf Tournament, Taste of Valor Cook-off and Walk-A-Thon.
Men's Bible Study Offers a mid-week Bible study to train persons to Win in Life through the study and application of God�s Word.  The Men�s Bible study equips persons to become true champions of Christ.  As such it is the goal of the Men�s Bible Study that every man grow in relationship with God, in relationship with one another and to win in every aspect of life.
Men's Celebrate Recovery Offers a Christ-centered support group for men to address hurts, hang-ups and habits.  This includes but is not limited to chemical/alcohol dependency and other additive habits.  Persons in this ministry fellowship in our weekly small group meeting to celebrate God�s healing and delivering power in our lives. We use the Beatitudes� Eight Principles and the Christ-centered 12 �steps.
Men's Institute Provides a small group forum for men to grow together in Christ and work with one another to win in life. The group�s focus scripture is I Corinthians 16,: 13-14.  The goal is to allow the Holy Spirit to form us into His image and cause us to be the best husbands, fathers, sons, and friends that we can be.   Meetings are held every Saturday from 9:00 am � 10:30 am at the Church. Discussions are both open and candid.  Men deal with real issues and challenges openly to gain victory.
Men's Logistic & Events Coordinator Help facilitate the major events of the Men In Ministry such as Monthly Prayer Breakfasts, Men�s Fellowship activities, Holy-Roly Derby, Men�s Conference, Men�s Conference and Retreat and Men�s Choir.  Persons in this ministry provide the catalytic and on-going events for men to gather and fellowship around God�s purpose for our lives helping men win in every aspect of life.
Men's Mentoring Program - Big Brothers of Central Maryland Helps boys grow up to be confident, competent, and caring young adults. The vision is to contribute to brighter futures,  better schools, and stronger communities for all!  Persons in this ministry provide the guidance and influence of positive and caring male role models and  mentors to children whose education, health, and safety are threatened on a one �on-one basis.  There will be quarterly meetings to facilitate.
Men's Prision Ministry Provides Christ centered support to inmates incarcerated at the Howard County Detention Center.  Persons in this ministry provide evangelistic outreach, one-on-one counseling, bible study and work release ministry services.
Multimedia Ministry

Provides technical expertise and support for our worship services, meetings, and special events. Description of Ministry Activities:   The success of this multimedia service is reliant upon the collaborative efforts of four teams:
Technical Team is responsible for the overall maintenance of the audio, video, and intercom systems
Audio Team assures the overall performance of audio system and ensure quality audio and video reproduction
Video Team is responsible for all phases of video production including set up and breakdown of equipment, projection of live multi-camera shooting, capture of events on location and providing and editing the weekly News Network
PowerPoint Team runs the multimedia presentation slide shows for the worship service.
Positions require the ability and interest in being trained on the various types of equipment.

Network Ministry To follow up with persons touched by Celebration Church Outreach Ministries to connect them with the life of the Church.  Provide periodic calls to persons who have been assisted through Celebration Church Outreach ministries to connect them with the life of the Church.  Some activities include: make telephone calls, pray for the person/or family needs; minister to their needs, inform them of the different programs of Celebration Church and send cards.
Parking Ministry When you arrive at Celebration Church for one of our weekend services you should find a handsome man of God present to direct you to available parking.  These brothers are committed to serving God and are our first line of greeters to persons driving to attend Celebration Church.  The ministry�s continued objective is to direct drivers to available parking, open car doors in front of the church, assist persons into the building as necessary, and facilitate the safe flow of traffic.
Prayer Ministry Early Morning Prayer and Half Night of Prayer creates an environment where God�s people can gather together for corporate prayer in the morning and evening to bring glory to God.  It is our desire to pray for the children of God that we would grow in our Christian walk and for those who do not know Jesus that they would come to know Him.
Priscilla's Lost and Found of Maryland Uses the mode of Jesus Christ to mentor and encourage women to achieve both spiritual and personal success.  Mentors interact with women who have expressed needs in many areas of their lives.
School of the Arts The School of The Arts is dedicated to excellence in The Arts and we are eager to help our students of all ages and levels attain their artistic best.  We are pleased to offer learning and listening opportunities that will help guide our students to a lifetime of musical enjoyment.
Security Ministy The Bible gives us several examples of the mighty men who serve as watchmen and armor bearers.  Our Security Team is committed to providing a safe and comfortable environment for all worshippers to enjoy the worship experience.   They are an extension of God�s protection, �the eyes of the house�.  Team members monitor the Sanctuary, and ensure that all parts of the building are safe and secure for everyone during service.
Seniors Ministry Advocates, supports, and provide outreach through the Celebration Church vision of helping individuals within our senior communities "Win in Life".
Set-Up/Breakdown Team

Supports the work of the Church by being responsible for providing chairs, tables, tents, and booths for events, activities, and programs at Celebration Church thereby offering guests a safe, clean and hospitable environment in which to worship.

Description of Ministry Activities: Sets-up appropriate number of chairs, tables, tents, booths in designated locations at Celebration Church.  Following activities the team breaks down the tables, chairs and places them in storage.

Shape Team To assist Christ followers in identifying the God given SHAPE (Spiritual gifts, Heart or passion, Abilities, Personalities and experiences) in order to better understand God�s plan for their lives.  The SHAPE class is an eight week course in the Bible Training Institute that is the first stage of helping people connect with a ministry that compliments their SHAPE.  Conduct various inspiring and motivational projects throughout the year.  Members of the SHAPE Team evaluate and monitor training needs, recruit, develop and train apprentices, participate in the class training activities and develop and implement various projects ministry projects with participation from class graduates.
Sign Language Ministry The Celebration Church Sign Language Interpreters seek to interpret the Word of God for those who cannot hear and to educate Celebration Church about ministering to the Deaf, hard-of-hearing, deaf-blind, and special needs visitors and members.  Ministry members interpret worship celebrations and other meetings so that everyone can experience what God is doing at Celebration Church.  They also go on location with Celebration Church members, hearing or deaf, who need an interpreter.  Members recognize the importance of training so they attend conferences, classes; have workshops and fellowships with other interpreters and with members of the deaf and hard of hearing community.
Singles Ministry Provides seminars, small group and fellowship to help Singles win in life through fellowship, community interaction and activities.
Sisters In Christ Encourages women of all ages to become Godly mothers, daughters, wives, sisters and friends.  By using curriculum designed and written by Bill Gothard, the Women's Institute reaches new believers to seasoned saints.
Small Group & Ministry Outreach Team To promote and encourage outreach and evangelism in the small group and ministries through information sharing, training and networking for small groups around evangelism techniques and strategies.  This ministry works as a team to launch growth groups that explore evangelism, provide support for Champions of evangelism and outreach in Celebration Church small groups and ministries and identifies resources for small groups to use to assist with evangelism and outreach.
Small Group Ministry The Small Group Ministry supports the vision for Celebration Church by encouraging all church members to actively participate in the Biblical model of fellowship through Small Group.  These groups provide the foundation and support necessary for healthy Christian living and maturity as modeled by Christ. 
Sports Ministry Helps individuals win in life through sports.  Individuals interested in sports have the opportunity to minister and fellowship while participating in basketball games, softball games, volleyball and other programs.  Activities include coaching, coordinating and participating in Men�s and Women�s Basketball Teams, Co-Ed Softball Team, 3-on-3 Tournament and Youth Basketball Program.
Stage Management Ministry

Supports the vision of Celebration Church to �Help People Win in Life� by ensuring the worship service and other special events flow smoothly in the Sanctuary.

Description of Ministry Activities: Volunteers assist the Pastoral staff and Music and Sacred Arts Ministry to ensure the smooth and orderly fashion of Worship Celebrations and Special Events.  They are responsible for activities on and around stage.  They prepare the stage and sound to provide atmosphere where the Holy Spirit can minister to the congregation whether through the word, dance or song.  The volunteers also collaborate

Summer Camp
The Transformation Disciples the minds of our Youth for Jesus Christ.  The Transformation encourages our middle and high school youth to celebrate who they are in Christ, to obey God's Word, respond to God's calling on their lives and experience an awesome life in Christ.  The scripture basis for The Transformation is Romans 12:2
Urban Communities Outreach The purpose of this ministry is to provide an opportunity for small groups, ministries, and members to reach out to the urban communities of Washington D.C. and Baltimore to identify and meet the needs of the community such as feeding and building homes for the homeless.   This ministry plans and coordinates the feeding of the homeless and building of homes in urban areas.  Some of the activities include:
Research, coordinate, and update Urban Mission Projects for Celebration Church, small groups, ministries and members to participate in
Partner with Churches, non-profits, community and public officials in identifying the needs of the urban community and serving the community
Champion urban mission projects
Build a database of urban mission projects
Assist with training and providing workshops on the urban mission projects
Ushers Ministry As you approach the main doors to the sanctuary at Celebration Church for service you will be greeted by a member of our Ushers Ministry.  This team or well trained and committed servants maintain order in the House of the Lord serving in joy and love so that all may be prepared to receive the Word of God.  Ushers are responsible for welcoming worshippers into the sanctuary, directing them to available seats, and work closely with the worship service team to ensuring that worship services flow smoothly so everyone has a pleasant experience.
Vacation Bible School VBS provides an exciting weeklong summer worship and learning experience for children between the ages of 5-11 years old.  For one week in July children from the church and the community are invited to come out and learn about God through a special teaching and learning theme with exciting activities and caring leaders to give them an enriching Christian experience.  Children will gather for a morning praise and worship assembly and then rotate between five indoor and outdoor stations that will help them apply the lesson of the day.
Website and Database Development & Management

Use the internet and information management to allow us to reach and share information with our current membership as well as extend the Gospel beyond the walls of Celebration Church and to the world that is on the internet, �helping people win in life.�

Women of Celebration Church Help the women of Celebration Church win in life through programs and activities that focus on sisterhood (friendship), personal growth, missions and service.  Extends the gospel of Jesus Christ, promotes spiritual and personal growth, builds friendship and inter-dependence, supports a healthy community that lives right for God, encourages the stewardship of all of life, and supports the united ministries and beliefs through gifts of finance and leadership.
Women's Thursday Bible Study Build women up through creative and relevant adventures in the Word of God.  Small group environment designed to address relevant issues relation to the seasons of a woman's life.  The primary goal is to help women know Christ, grow in Christ, serve Christ, and share Christ.
Young Adult Ministry (18-24)